Business Pioneers Program Questions

1. Introduce yourself: name, company, type and character of business, location.

2. Where did the idea of establishing the company/project come from, and when was the beginning of work with it?

3. What are the services / products that the company offers at the level of the Emirates / Gulf / Middle East / World.

4. What are the characteristics that the company offers and distinguishes it in its field of work?

5. Getting to know the company’s vision and future plans for development and progress.

6. A message to new investors “Encouraging investment in the United Arab Emirates”.

7. Talking about the UAE / security and safety and the advantages in attracting investors from your own perspective.

8. Give thanks to the our SHEIKHS and LEADERS of the Emirates for the efforts they providing the renaissance of state .

9. How to reach the Institution / company: (Geographical location – social media and platforms)